After graduating from Vacaville High School and California State University Sacramento, I married and moved to Stockton, California where my family and I lived for several years. Throughout my life I've taught various grade levels, ranging from second grade to eighth. My interests include painting, sculpture, stained glass, and mosaic, but ghosts and the supernatural have always been a favorite topic. Not just for writing. When I’m not reading Stephen King books, I’m watching ghost-chasing shows on TV.


Although I have always enjoyed writing, it wasn't until I taught second grade that it became my main creative focus. I started with picture books, but soon, middle grade became my thing. If you enjoyed reading about Theresa, Kerry, and Joey in Ghosters, don’t worry. There are already two sequels in the works!


Here's a photo of me during my visit to Tolinas Elementary school. Had a lot of fun Talking about Ghosters and how to write a scary story.

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