Accelerated Reader Questions for Ghosters 2: Revenge of the Library Ghost

  1. Why does Theresa say she wouldn’t like to spend the night at Elbie’s house?
    1. She doesn’t like Elbie.
    2. She doesn’t like Elbie’s family.
    3. Elbie is black.
    4. Elbie lives over a mortuary. X
  2. How does the library ghost convince Joey to help it?
    1. It hides the book Joey wants to read. X
    2. It follows Joey home.
    3. It throws books at Joey.
    4. It tells Joey a story.
  3. How does the library ghost communicate with Joey and Elbie?
    1. It speaks to him.
    2. It speaks to Joey through Elbie.
    3. Through book titles. X
    4. It writes words in the dust.
  4. How does Joey get into Mr. Nguyen’s office?
    1. He gets in trouble when he plays a prank on Elbie. X
    2. He gets in a fight on the playground.
    3. He tells the teacher he has to speak to the principal.
    4. He sneaks in when the custodian isn’t looking.
  5. What does the ghost who is bothering Elbie want from him?
    1. He wants Elbie to find his family.
    2. He wants Elbie to bury him in the yard.
    3. He wants his ashes and those of other people whose ashes hadn’t been claimed to be properly buried. X
    4. He wants his ashes removed from the cardboard box they’re in and placed in a descent container.
  6. When Joey searches Miss Beverly’s trash cart, how does Elbie distract her?
    1. Elbie keeps talking to her.
    2. Elbie dances for her and tells jokes.
    3. Elbie makes black heel marks on the floor then points them out to her so she’ll clean them. X
    4. Elbie asks her to help him find his sweatshirt.
  7. When the boys visit the city library, Elbie tries to do his “creep and freak” on Theresa. What happens?
    1. He scares her and she screams.
    2. She jumps up and scares him instead. X
    3. Kerry scares him before he can scare Theresa.
    4. He screams when he spots a rat run across one of the bookshelves.
  8. When the kids visit the fair, what problem do they learn Principal Nguyen has?
    1. He’s got a gambling problem and owes people a lot of money. X
    2. He likes to bet on horse races.
    3. He likes to drink a lot of lemonade.
    4. He’s really following them.
  9. What was Principal Nguyen’s relationship with Mrs. Cowan before she went to prison?
    1. He loaned Mrs. Cowan some money.
    2. They dated for a while, then broke up.
    3. They were good friends. X
    4. They couldn’t stand each other.
  10. When the kids are being chased around the library, who comes to Elbie’s rescue when Mr. Nguyen grabs him?


  1. The police.
  2. Theresa and Joey’s dad.
  3. Mr. Prendergast’s ghost. X
  4. Mrs. Cowan.









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