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All of these stories were either told to me in person or emailed to me. Neither I nor anyone else can prove that they're real or mad up. If you have a ghost story that you would like published here, email me and I'll add it to the list.  


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2/17/19 A local bookstore owner said:


I live in the house where both my parents live. I know my mom is still there because she's always leaving the refrigerator door open. My father is there too. Mostly, I see dark shadows outside the window. But once, I turned around and found him standing there in my kitchen. Very frightening. Not because he was doing anything scary. He looked the same. Regular clothes. I just wasn't expecting it. And he's dead. I told him not to scare me like that again.


My son used to see them all the time when he was a kid.



12/1/18 Nancy said:


My husband’s family was really into ghosts and the feeling that came over them when around ghosts. Early one evening my husband and his grandmother took me on a drive to see if they could stir up a ghost. This drive was down a dirt road in Oklahoma. The three of us were sitting in his bench-seat pickup truck, my husband behind the wheel with me in the middle and his grandmother next to the window. We sat there for about 30 minutes, and once in a while my husband would say, “Feel that?” His grandmother would say yes, but I never felt anything strange. What I did notice was that every time he said this the trees would start to sway back and forth, as if whipped by a hard wind. By this time, it was getting dark, and something didn’t seem right. I looked at my husband he found he was sweating bullets, pale-faced and stammering, unable to speak. When I looked at his grandma I found that she was being pulled through the open window. I had to use all my strength to hold on to her but something just kept pulling her upward through the window. I yelled at Gene to get the truck out of there. He slowly put the truck in gear, but it wouldn’t move because something was pulling it, sort of a tug of war feeling. Slowly, we battled the strange force and edged our way back to the paved road. I got Grandma back into the truck, but even then, I could still feel a lingering presence in of us. Too afraid to look, I told my husband I would never go out with them again. He believed there were three ghosts out there with us. The two bad ones were trying to take over our souls/bodies. The third, he said, was a nice spirit, and that one was with me. He said these spirits had unfinished business and were trying to take us over so that they could finish whatever was keeping them from crossing over.


12/1/18   Cathy said:


About 10-12 years ago my parents lived in Tennessee. My youngest daughter and I went there from NJ for our annual visit. My dad was in Mississippi checking on my elderly grandma. My Mom, daughter and I drove from Tennessee to join up with my dad to see my grandma as well. She lives in a very small town in Mississippi with an iconic front screened porch complete with 2 hanging porch swings. As we pulled in to park, I saw who I thought was my dad get up out of a swing and go into the house. I assumed to bring my grandma outside. We were getting our things out of the car and I kept thinking it was strange my dad wasn’t coming out to the car to help us. So, after gathering our bags and things we walked up to the front door where we found a note from my dad. Grandma had fallen and he’d taken her to the hospital. To this day I can still see the man get up and go in the house. I believe with all my heart is was my deceased grandpa watching over us all.


Laurie said:

For about a year, I lived in a Greystone farmhouse in the village of Launton, Oxfordshire in England. The place was surrounded on three sides with high stone walls and there were no rear neighbors, making it seem very isolated, even though it was in a village. Old trees blocked the light, and left a minimal view of the road. The house was built in sections, the oldest being 500 years old. I had several paranormal experiences, and so did several other people. On one occasion it was midnight, and I was in my bedroom. I had just written down the time because I was breastfeeding my baby. The ghost pulled the string of a baby toy in another room, making it suddenly play music. It was in the room I had set up for the baby, but once that happened, I never let her sleep in there. That night I peed in the sink in my room because I was too scared to walk past that room/

Other things happened there, and not just to me, like the time I had a teenaged girl watch the baby. When I got home that night, I noticed she had shut the door to the upstairs and seemed nervous. When I asked her why, she said nothing had happened, but after I moved into another house, she told me she had heard a baby crying up there, but my baby was downstairs with her. Just as when the ghost pulled the toy’s string, she felt as if she was being lured to the sound. I was too terrified to look that night, neither did she. I made my mother come sleep with me one night because of the scratching inside the walls. At night you would feel a shift in the air as I went into the safety of my bedroom. Thank goodness there was a safe place.



11/28/18 Sherry said:


My story happened in Winters, California and outdoors. I was walking on a friend’s property (He has a number of acres) and, as I turned a corner, I saw a Native American with a small headdress and sandals but no shirt. When I tried to get a better look he was gone. I asked my friend and my husband and they both responded, “Oh, you met Lone Bear.” I think that was just the name they had given him. I saw Lone Bear two or three more times, but he was never scary, and we had no interaction.


11/27/18  Carrie said:


When we moved to our house in Gloucestershire in the mid-60s, my mum heard a child crying when she was out in the garden hanging out washing.   She said it happened every time she was in the garden alone for about a month and then it just stopped. We were living out in the country and our nearest neighbors were old and didn’t have any grandchildren around.  Weird.  


11/26/18 Gillian said:

I grew up in a supposedly haunted house (it was called Poet’s Corner – Wm. Cowper, a poet, had lived there). I never saw or heard anything, although loads of other people claimed they did.  My father often saw an elderly woman bending over the very old range in the kitchen. 


11/18/18 Rose said:


Not long after my father passed away I was in my sewing room and felt a presence behind me. The door to the room was open, and I could see a dark figure standing behind it. When I looked hard, I could tell that it was my father. He didn't say anything, and after a few seconds he disappeared.


11.15.18 Carmen said:


Many years ago, I was awoken from sleep by the sound of my grandmother's voice calling to me. I sat up in bed, confused. My grandmother was halfway across the world in Spain. A few days later I received a letter from my cousin informing me that my grandmother had passed away. On that same day.






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